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2018 Fête du Nain Participants -

Join participating businesses for Nain-themed specials throughout the week March 15-25!


Fourteen East – Woodward Ave. and Kirby St.:  Check out the special Fete du Nain specials from March 15 thru March 24 that will warm you up for your battle with the Nain – Hellfire Mocha or Snow Angel Hot Chocolate with portion of proceeds to support the Marche!


Avalon International Breads – 422 W. Willis St.:  Featured Nain Rouge specials 25% off all Fete week from 3/19 to 3/25:  Velour Rouge (red velvet) Whoopie Pies, Cherries Jubilee Brioche, Vegan Cherry Bar, Red Detroit Lover t-shirts; and Mama Mia Focaccia.   


Bleu Bowtique at Cass Collective – 4161 Cass Ave.:  Don’t miss out on the specials -- March 21st through March 26th -- to finish your parade look.  10% of entire sock collection and 15% off any neck ties with red in them!   


Blick Art Materials – 4501 Woodward Ave. – Suite 109:  When you are preparing your costume, mention the Nain and get 15% off total purchase – March 22nd thru March 25th.  Day of the Marche, stop into register to win a Nain Prize Pack filled with great red themed items. 


Bolero Detroit- 51 W. Forest Ave.:  Don’t miss their inaugural Latin brunch on Marche Day.  For each brunch couple, Bolero will provide free parking for the day.  Get some sustenance and stash your car before the parade!  

City Bird -  460 W. Canfield St– Throughout the week leading up to the Marche, City Bird will feature their exclusive, limited-edition Nain Rouge-themed merchandise, including a new t-shirt in honor of the 2018 Marche du Nain Rouge, designed by talented Detroit artist Lucy Cahill. 


City Bird and Nest – 460 W. Canfield St. – From 11am to 1pm on Marche day, both stores will host their 9th annual Fête du Nain Rouge. Complimentary Nain-themed refreshments, as well as a free drink Koozie or beads with every purchase at each shop. In addition, City Bird will feature their amazing vintage-style paper masks and costume accessories.

Honest John’s – 488 Selden St.:  To prepare for the coming of the Nain, Honest John’s will have Tito’s Bloody Mary Bar ALL WEEK LONG for the Fete du Nain March 19th through March 24th.  Some of the hottest sauces will be available so you can prepare for the Nain with some pain. 

HopCat – 4265 Woodward Ave.:  Don’t miss the HopCat wings that are even too hot for the Nain as well as a few “devil”ish special beers to scare him away.  Pick these items Friday March 23rd to Sunday March 25th, get a free Nain Rouge picture to color for display in their windows to help scare him away.  

Jolly Pumpkin – 441 W. Canfield Ave.:  In preparation of the coming of the Nain, a special Fete du Nain Week menu runs from 3/15 to 3/25 with special fiery wings, pizza, and sliders.  To provide parade day attendees with sustenance, Jolly Pumpkin will be serving pizzas on their patio. 


La Feria – 4130 Cass Ave.:  Don’t get too freaked out, but the Sangre del Nain (Blood of the Nain) specialty cocktail will be making its return from March 19th through March 24th.  


Majestic Theater/Garden Bowl – 4120 Woodward Ave.:  Take your disgust out for the Nain by throwing some heavy round balls down a long alley.  Fifty percent off bowling during the afternoon after the Parade.  Drink some swill and knock some pins! 


Mario’s Detroit – 4222 Second Ave.:  On Parade Day, get ready to battle the Nain with $5 Irish Coffees and $5 Bloody Mary’s.  

Motor City Brewing Works – 470 W. Canfield Ave.:  Get your nourishment for the battle with then Nain, open early on Marche day with food and drink specials. 


Park Shelton Pizza – 15 E. Kirby St. – Don’t miss their special Nain Rouge gourmet pizzas March 19th through March 24th with a portion of the proceeds to help fund the Marche. 


Selden Standard – 3921 Second Ave.: On parade day, don’t miss some devilish food and cocktail specials available in addition to their Sunday brunch menu.  


Slows-to-Go – 4107 Cass Ave.:  Only available on Sunday March 25th and fresh off their outdoor grill, don’t miss Slow’s house-made spicy Devil Dog on a steamed bun, a special treat for those who have battled with the Nain. 


Traffic Jam and Snug – 511 W. Canfield St.:  Crawfish boil straight from Louisiana with “Demon Head” souvenir “King Kake” available Mon. March 19 thru Sat. March 24th with drink specials including “Tasmanian Red” beer all week.  Don’t miss the Krewe du Rouge fundraiser on March 15th. 


Treat Dreams – 4160 Cass Ave.:  Get your warmth up for battle with the Nain with a special spicy hot chocolate on Sunday March 25th. 


Union Street – 4145 Woodward Ave.:  Don’t miss the Nain-inspired special menu items from March 21st through March 25th.  Lots of spicy deliciousness to give your body the strength to battle with the Nain including stuffed peppers, gumbo, jalapeno cornbread, red devil torte and more.  Parade Day, don’t miss $1 High Life ponies, Bloody Mary bar with plenty of parking.  

WILL Leather Goods – 4120 Second Ave.:  Before or once you’ve successfully kicked the Nain to the curb on March 25, drop by for 15% off to any parade goers.  Need some caffeine, stop in for a free boost too.  

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