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The Marche du Nain Rouge wants everyone who attends this year’s parade to have fun, as safely as possible, especially in light of the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. To support that goal, event organizers urge everyone to take precaution (get boosted now if you haven’t!) and read and follow our Covid protocols to ensure a good time is had by all.


Event Volunteers, Performers, and Vendors 

All event volunteers and performers are required to wear a mask when working indoors during the event, especially in crowded locations where social distancing is not possible.


Masonic Afterparty 

As in past years, the official after party will be held immediately following the closing ceremony at the Masonic Temple. Masks are recommended. 


We will not be requiring proof of vaccination to enter the Masonic Temple, however we will be providing hand sanitizing stations that will include complimentary paper masks for those who choose to use one. Additional protocols will be adhered to with the intent of providing a safe environment for our performers, staff and guests, including:


  • Flyers and announcements encouraging guests, staff and performers to wear a mask/face covering while attending the indoor portion of the event;

  • Designated social distance area for guests to keep a minimum of (6) six-foot distance;

  • Limited vendor setups with (6) six-foot distance between vendors. Vendors are required to wear a mask/face covering while vending.


Cass Park Gathering Location 

As an outdoor alternative to the Masonic Temple, organizers have been granted use of Cass Park for attendees to gather informally, around designated Detroit Fire Department approved fire barrels, which will be monitored by event organizers. The barrels will be maintained during the Masonic after party, and will be extinguished before dusk. There will be no formal program, and no additional food/drink/merchandise sales allowed.


Other Locations

All other venues are responsible for their own protocols. Please be mindful, patient, and kind to your fellow folk; make sure to follow the house rules of local establishments along the route. And please stay home if you’re feeling ill or have Covid symptoms. 🖤

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